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The Republican Party(U.S.A.)

The Republican Party is a political party of the United States of America. International Democratic Union participation. I constitute the two-party system of the United States of America with the Democratic Party. In rivalry with the Democratic Party taking the situation of the liberalism, it is generally a right-center taking the situation of the neo-con.

共和党 (アメリカ)


With the Republican Party

The Republican Party is a political party speaking for the class of conservative white men of the well off of a big business / the war industry / Christian right / the American middle southern district. On the principle of intervention that the democratization that I used military power for to be seen in a neo-conservative in particular as a basic policy externally does not hesitate to conduct, I make much of economic efficiency and the profit of the big business than a final performance environmental problem and the welfare policy in an economic aspect in a situation of market mechanism the principle of / the neoliberalism in the country. From the influence of the Christian right of the support base, anti-homosexuality insists on an anti-abortion strongly ethically. But I have the width of a degree policy accepted in the local characteristic that an opposition candidate - each member of the Diet belongs to because the structure which forces mandatory party-line voting policy of the political party on a member of the Diet as each member like the Democratic Party is not always strong.

It is GOP in the English(Grand Old Party) But, I become the one of the another name.

The Republican Party regards an elephant as a symbol whereas the Democratic Party regards ass as a symbol. As for this, satire comics carried in 1874 by a newspaper are the beginning.



英語ではGOP (Grand Old Party) が別称のひとつになっている。


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